Protect your Privacy with Private Domain Registrations. Okay, I’m pretty certain that this may not be new news to other bloggers who use WordPress, but I will keep moving ahead with this blog, non the less!
This blog is posted because I have had this thought on my mind… I will speak from my experience only.
It dawned on me that we are in a world were technology is upgraded moment by moment. My belief is that technology is primarily here to make our lives easier, I think we can all agree on that. Of course it saves lives (double thumbs up for stem cell research), in many ways, but I will keep this light and stay on my initial reason to blog about our privacy.
Our great world and it’s many brilliant minds have moved us into a never ending and constantly evolving class room of sorts. If I chose to learn Nguni Stick Fighting after this post I would be able to find out how to do so and in 6 months time would be National Champion of South Africa ( with the guidance of the correct trainer or Tim Ferriss ).
Our ability to learn would be based on how much information we could get into our four lobes of the cerebrum. Information is endless!!
I find it ironic that technology for all of it’s benefits has made things,overwhelming at times, for me.
Secondly, with information at our fingertips, don’t make it easier for spammers, scammers etc. to get your info!!! Keep it private!

Something to Know

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“Focus on any area of skill with relentless devotion to daily improvement and a passion for excellence and within three to five years: You will be operating at a level of competence ( and insight ), such that people call you a genius. 

Focus, plus daily improvement, plus time, equals genius. Understand that formula deeply and your life will never be the same”